Industrial Displays

Industrial TFT displays benefit from longer product availability as well as an extended backlight half-life of at least 30K hours, with some rated as high as 70K hours.

This allows them to be on nearly all the time, which is perfect for the manufacturing environments in which they are normally used, where they need to be robust and reliable, and tend to be panel or rack mounted in a fixed position.

Our range of sizes starts as small as 3.5" and goes through up to 15.6". This means we can support a number of different products and applications in the industrial sector that require an always-on display.

All of our industrial TFTs can be fully customised with capacitive touchscreens, a range of optical enhancements and custom cover lens to create a unique display for your application.

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4.4 - 6.9"
7 - 10"
10.1" and over

Letterbox / Bar

Up to 399 cd/M²
400 - 799 cd/M²
800 cd/M² and over

30K Hours
50K Hours
70K Hours


-30°C to 85°C
-30°C to 80°C
-20°C to 70°C
-10°C to 60°C
0°C to 50°C