Core Material Strategy

Whilst every BOM for a customer product is unique, there are many components that are commonly used across different builds of cable assemblies and box-build products.

Through data analysis, we have collated a list of these components and standardised a range of core parts, including raw cable, heatshrink, crimp terminals and O-rings, which we stock in volume, along with the associated tooling.

These components have been carefully selected and tested by us for quality and reliability. All the core stock that we carry is driven by specification, not supplier, allowing us to leverage our purchasing requirements across our global sites.

How This Benefits You

We can review your BOM and recommend changes that use our core component stock. This will be done in full consultation with you and provides you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced lead times on components
  • No additional tooling costs for non-standard parts
  • Reduced costs as a result of our economies of scale
  • Faster quote turnaround
  • No excess stock to underwrite
  • Fit, form and function alternatives with same performance 

These benefits help to improve the finished product cost and time to market, which are crucial to the success of new product launches.

Our Core Material Strategy is just one aspect of the extensive engineering and design support that we provide to all our customers.

Core materials in stock