GTK adds mid-mount connectors to its range

August 25, 2020

GTK has expanded its connector range by adding mid-mount USB and RJ45 connectors.

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Automatic quality with Volex power cords

February 25, 2020

For GTK’s customers looking to purchase power cords, Volex’s automated manufacturing process for their latest cord sets provides several benefits in terms of cost, quality and speed.

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Blog: Why choose custom cable assemblies?

February 19, 2020

We showcase some of the ways that the customisation of cable assemblies can benefit your final product and look at why custom assemblies are almost always preferable to standard ones.

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GTK launches new circular TFT displays

January 29, 2020

GTK announces the recent addition of circular TFTs to their display range.

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GTK launches new square TFT Displays

November 26, 2019

GTK UK announces the addition of square IPS TFTs.

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GTK adds fine pitch connectors to its wire to board range

October 24, 2019

GTK has expanded its range of fine pitch wire to board connectors with new options for discrete wire applications.

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GTK adds Volex Power Cords to its product range

September 24, 2019

GTK has added the latest generation of Volex power cords, the V-Novus Hybrids, to its product portfolio, with a range that includes cord sets for UK, Europe, North America and China.

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GTK Launches 7" Plug and Play Display

July 30, 2019

GTK announced the launch of a new 7” plug and play HMI display module, which offers designers a fast, cost effective route to a high quality Human Machine Interface (HMI).

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Blog: Why we don’t yet live in a USB Type-C world

July 29, 2019

Designed as the be all and end all of USB connectors, the success of USB Type-C technology depends on manufacturers adopting USB C ports into their products, which has not been implemented as much as originally hoped.

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Expanded Board to Board Range with High Current Connectors

June 25, 2019

GTK expands its board to board product range with high current connectors.

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