GTK adds colour film technology to its PMVA displays

July 22, 2021

GTK has enhanced its PMVA display options by adding colour film technology, which enables the use of up to 12 colours on segment display.

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GTK expands its range of Integrated Display Solutions

June 24, 2021

GTK has added 2 new display screen sizes to its Integrated Display Solutions range.

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GTK adds 3.5” TFT with integrated graphics to Displays range

May 26, 2021

GTK has added a 3.5” HVGA TFT with an integrated graphics controller to it's range of colour displays.

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GTK UK invests in power cord stock package

April 13, 2021

GTK UK has continued to make significant investments in its Volex power cord product range and can now offer OEMs product from stock.

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GTK expands ESD capacity in UK Facility.

February 25, 2021

GTK has recently expanded the size of its ESD manufacturing area in its UK facility with the addition of a bespoke ESD room for box build manufacturing.

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GTK expands Letterbox TFT Display range

January 28, 2021

GTK has expanded its Letterbox TFT display range to include two new sizes with IPS technology.

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GTK launches new touchless UI solution for safe and hygienic displays

November 25, 2020

GTK has launched a new touchless UI solution that means OEMs can design an interface that does not need direct physical contact by the end user.

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Blog: Interacting with displays in a COVID-19 world

November 23, 2020

When designing a display product in a post COVID-19 pandemic world, an OEM must consider the obvious challenge - with demand for touchscreen devices comes the added new demand for a more hygienic way to allow end-users to interact with the system.

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GTK expands the options for its PMVA display technology

October 28, 2020

GTK has expanded the capabilities of its PMVA displays, adding larger size screens and enhanced colour functionality.

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GTK offers displays with antimicrobial properties

September 24, 2020

GTK's latest touchscreen solution incorporates an ultra-thin cover lens made with antimicrobial glass, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and algae.

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