Monochrome displays

We can provide a broad selection of Mono Displays that are suitable for a variety of different applications.

  • PMVA displays available with excellent contrast
  • E-paper and Bi-stable displays for low power applications
  • Simple Chip on Glass (COG) displays for compact applications

We can also help you to customise your display for your specific end-user experience and provide the necessary connectivity.   

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Monochrome displays only require simple drive electronics and are easy to implement. They can offer an upgrade path for visually passive devices, or a cost optimisation path for range extension of more complex devices.

Our monochrome displays are very cost effective but with a range of features that enable designers to meet more specific and demanding requirements. For example, our PMVA monochrome LCD display product offers a splash of colour which, combined with true blacks, gives a sophisticated modern look without cost penalty. Our bi-stable range offers zero power consumption in use, these are just two of the useful features available.

Mono displays are often customised and our experienced team can help you design a product that meets your technical and commercial targets quickly and effortlessly.

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