Waterproof Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are often used in environments that are not typically suitable for electronic equipment.

These can range from high humidity conditions to being fully submerged in water or other liquids. As experienced waterproof cable assembly manufacturers, we can provide cables that use a range of different technologies to achieve varying levels of waterproofing.

Splash-proof covers for connectors and IP-rated assemblies (up to IP68 when mated) are some of the types of waterproof cable assembly we use.

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Types of Waterproof Cable Assembly

We use a number of approaches to waterproof a cable assembly, depending on product, application and budget. For overmoulded connectors, we utilise carefully matched materials to ensure a watertight seal between the mould, cable jacket and connector. In addition, we can incorporate rubber O-rings and front-mounted compression seals to further improve the waterproofing.

For non-moulded assemblies, we can also offer:

  • OEM connectors that incorporate a variety of different waterproofing technologies
  • Back-filling connectors with potting, to waterproof connectors that would otherwise allow fluid ingress
  • Bulkhead-mounted connectors that seal against the panel to IP levels

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Waterproof Cable Assembly