Displays & Embedded Solutions

For OEMs designing a product around a display, GTK can provide a wide range of different technologies that can fulfil any requirement.

Explore the different display and embedded solutions that we offer and then speak to our team to see how we can support your project.  Early involvement in the design stage means we can help you specify the display and embedded options that best-suit your application, so get in touch today.

Colour and Mono Displays

  • An extensive range to help you balance your needs for cost and manufacturability
  • Colour display options include the latest IPS and TN displays
  • Mono displays range from Chip-on-Glass to zero-power E-paper displays and high performance PMVA solutions
  • A range of size and shape options to suit any application

Embedded Solutions

  • Drive your display and create the foundation for your application
  • x86 single-board computers (SBCs) for complex designs
  • ARM solutions suitable for low-powered applications
  • Finished PC systems for a range of different markets, and which can be customised and branded to your design

Display Customisation

  • Our engineers can collaborate closely with you to create bespoke display solutions
  • Support for the ergonomic, aesthetic and environmental requirements of your application
  • We can advise on options for size, shape and optical performance
  • Display enhancements such as capacitive touchscreens and custom cover lenses

Get in touch today

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