For OEMs looking to incorporate a display solution in their products, GTK can provide a wide range of different technologies that can fulfil any requirement. 

As technology advances, more and more electronic devices require a Human Machine Interface (HMI), usually a display that provides the user access to the functions of your product. Users increasingly expect to be able to pick up any device and to immediately use it, so ergonomics are equally as important as great aesthetics.

GTK can help you balance these requirements with cost and manufacturability, we specialise in customised displays with features such as touchscreens and cover lenses to full custom glass solutions. We will support you from concept to finished solution, helping you to navigate the myriad of technology choices and providing detailed engineering support to ensure you get the product performance you need.

Choosing a display is more than just selecting a resolution and brightness – you must consider how to drive it, how to assemble it, user interaction and what to show on it. All of these factors can greatly affect your product cost, engineering cost and time to market.  Additionally, many applications have specific requirements and approvals to meet e.g. impact resistance or environmental standards, and we can help you with those too. You must also consider commercial requirements. Our team has the expertise to lead you to the right technical and commercial solution.

We offer a comprehensive range of displays for industrial applications from high quality In Plane Switched (IPS) colour TFT displays to simple character modules, along with a variety of enhancements and customisation options including some of the latest innovations in display technology all coming together to help you to create high quality products fit for the modern world.

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