Colour Displays

Our extensive range of colour displays includes a number of different technologies.

Colour TFT displays come in many forms and we specialise in products that meet the more demanding application requirements. Our ranges feature high visual performance such as high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angle displays or sunlight readability and mechanical adaptation such as ultra-wide or letterbox form factors, optical enhancement or customisation with touchscreen and cover lenses.

The highlight of GTK’s colour TFT displays is a range of high performance In-Plane Switching (IPS) displays at the cutting edge of the technology, with high speed interfaces to support high speed video and 24-bit colour depth. This technology is ideal for applications where true colour and vivid reproduction are an advantage. All our colour TFT displays are customisable to requirement yet meet the expectations of the industrial market.

Our technical experts can help you to integrate your chosen display into your finished product and can provide a complete user interface solution, including capacitive sensors and custom cover lenses. We will support you throughout the design process bringing together customisation and enhancement options with thorough technical support for both electronics and mechanical design.

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