Display Customisation & Accessories

Customisation of colour TFT LCD displays and optical enhancements enable the designer to be creative and innovative.

Our custom display solutions include options such as adding a touchscreen and touch buttons creating a user interface that most people are immediately familiar with. We can also supply antimicrobial touchscreens, which use a specially treated cover lens to prevent bacteria from building up on the display and spreading from one user to the next.

Custom cover lenses enable the designer to integrate the display assembly straight into the equipment front pane. The result is a super modern look and feel similar to the latest consumer devices combined with improved manufacturability and no need for clean assembly conditions. Touch buttons on the cover lens can add off screen user functionality such as back and standby buttons.

Optical enhancements range from coatings to prevent glare or fingerprints to scratch-proof and heat-proof coatings. Optical bonding can be used to improve contrast ratio and sunlight readability whilst All Black colour matching gives a super professional look to the product.

GTK's capability in connectors and custom interconnect products enables seamless integration of displays into the application, we have ranges of FPC/FFC cables, LVDS, I²C connectors plus the capability to manufacture custom display options with a whole harness for data, touchscreen and backlight power.

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