Antimicrobial Touchscreens

Reduce the build up of bacteria on your displays with our antimicrobial technology.

  • Destroys over 650 different types of bacteria from the surface of any display
  • Works by implementing a specially-treated cover lens 
  • Can be designed into any type of display
  • Compatible with any capacitive touchscreen sensor
  • Ideal for multi-user displays to prevent the spread of germs from person to person

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Keep Your Displays Clean 

It’s understandable that people will be cautious about interacting with multi-user screens, as every touch or swipe could potentially spread bacteria.

Our antimicrobial capacitive touchscreens use a cover lens made with antimicrobial glass, which reduces the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and algae on its surface.  This prevents the spread of germs from one user to the next.

The technology involves a very simple process and can be applied to almost any new display for both consumer and industrial applications. 

POS display screen

How Do Antimicrobial Displays Work?

Antimicrobial glass uses an ion exchange to place silver ions on to an ultra-thin glass cover lens, which are effective for the lifetime of the display and destroy over 650 types of bacteria.

Due to the phosphoric and fatty acids in their cells walls, bacteria are negatively charged, and so they become attracted to the positive ion charge on the glass.

Then, as the bacteria cells come close to the ions, their cell walls are broken down and the bacteria is destroyed, ensuring that the display is kept clean. 

Antimicrobial glass vs regular glass