Automotive & EV Charging

We have extensive experience in supplying electronics products to automotive and industrial electronics OEMs, and understand the specific needs of these vertical markets.

Core Competencies

  • Full custom connector designs
  • Overmoulded cable assemblies
  • DFM support and guidance
  • Complex, pre-formed wire looms
  • RF & microwave cable assemblies
  • Custom displays
  • PCBA and encapsulation

Product Applications

  • Safety-critical vehicle systems
  • Vehicle electronics
  • EV Charging systems
  • Charging cables
  • High voltage harness assemblies


  • TS16949
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • UL Wire Harness Traceability
industrial and automotive

High Quality Connectors for Automotive & Industrial Sectors

Automotive and industrial markets require high performance and highly reliable connectors that can withstand the tough environments in which they are used. At GTK, we can offer guidance and support, and recommend connector solutions that are most appropriate for environments where shock and vibration, moisture ingress, and general wear and tear are of concern.

Furthermore, where necessary, we can aid customers in the design of bespoke connectors to ensure that finished products meet their exact requirements and tolerances. Take a look at our custom connectors page for more information.

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Overmoulded Cable Assemblies

We are specialists in overmoulding technology, which is essential for automotive and industrial cable assemblies and connectors. Using a variety of different processes and materials, we provide finished cable and electronic assemblies that meet particular IP ratings or customer-specific test requirements.

Our overmoulded products are manufactured in the Far East, which allows us to build high quality industrial and auto-electronic products cost effectively, in any volume. Our Far Eastern manufacturing partners build products in accordance with the TS16949 standard, which is the “de facto” quality standard of the automotive market.

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Automotive Displays

High quality displays are increasingly being featured in automotive products and we can provide a range of display products to fit any design. As well as offering a wide range of different technologies, such as TFTs and PMVA display screens for cars, we can customise displays to provide various added-value options, including touchscreens for direct input, and optical bonding to increase the durability of the display and to enhance its visibility in direct sunlight.

In addition to supplying display panels, we can support OEMs with embedded designs to pair up with their TFT designs. This includes features such as AI-enabled embedded systems, IoT gateway PCs, configurable board solutions with enhanced I/O, as well as software development and integration. This allows to work with customers on new, growing technologies, such as remote monitoring of EV chargers and power management for automotive fleets.

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EV Charging

As part of the Volex group, we can work with EV OEMS to support their projects, with a full range of EV charging solutions and Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) for residential, public and commercial EV charging systems. Find out more on Volex's website:

EV Type 1 and Type 2 AC Charging Cables 

Mode 2 EV Charging Cables and Plugs 

EV Charging AC Socket Outlet and Electric Vehicle Charger Outlets 

Application Stories

The ApplicationThe ProblemOur SolutionFind out more 
Agri-tech Automotive CablesOur customer's cable assemblies were expensive, took too long to produce and had an unsatisfactory failure rate due to the vibration and stresses they were under.We re-designed their assembly with custom, overmoulded components and in-line fuses, which protected against vibration and were specifically designed for the application.