Built To Weather Any Environment

Our customer was building cable assemblies for an agri-tech application that needed a certain level of protection, given that it was being used outdoors in harsh environments.

Their assemblies were expensive, took too long to produce and had an unsatisfactory failure rate due to the vibration and stresses they were under when the application was in use.

Agri-tech with overmoulded cable assembly

The Solution

We re-designed their assembly, replacing expensive die-cast components and in-line fuses with custom, overmoulded solutions. We developed a blended manufacturing model, combining Far East and UK production, with part-shipped, overmoulded assemblies shipping from China to be finished off in our UK facility with European OEM connectors. The overmoulded parts protected against vibration and were specifically designed for the application.


Automated manufacturing and a logistics solution greatly reduced lead times for the overall assembly compared to the manual build process of the original design.

Time Saving

We delivered a 50% cost reduction to the customer by switching to a blended manufacturing model.

Business Advantage

The customer was given a superior design, which exceeded their requirements for the application and completely removed failures from the cable assembly in the field.