Overmoulded Cable Assemblies

The process of overmoulding cables and other components offers a number of benefits to cable assemblies.

Overmoulded cable solutions afford additional protection and durability as well as improving the aesthetics of the final product. The physical benefits include protection against environmental factors, such as:

  • Shock and vibration
  • Fluid ingress
  • Abrasion and corrosion
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Ageing
  • Pull forces

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Customised Overmoulded Cables

We are able to offer a wide range of customisation options for overmoulded cable assemblies. Beyond practical customisation, we can also incorporate features to reflect your corporate branding on the final cable assembly. This may include Pantone-matched colours, customised text and company logos embossed into the mould material.

Our extensive range of customisation options means that we can manufacture customised overmoulded cables for any application or industry. These include: 

  • Custom latching features
  • Ergonomic modifications
  • Flexible overmoulds with varying levels of shore hardness
  • Changes to suit your space constraints such as low profile or right-angled moulds
  • Addition of PCBs within the overmould
  • Overmoulded ferrites and fuse holders
  • Addition of a 360° copper foil shield, giving shielding characteristics equivalent to a die-cast hood
Customised Overmoulded Cables

Overmoulding Capabilities

We employ a number of different overmould technologies to ensure that the finished product conforms to your specific requirements. We can utilise many materials, including standard and high-temperature PVC compounds, nylon, PE, PU, Macromelt and TPE. Along with standard high-pressure injection moulding, we also offer the following capabilities:

  • Insert moulding, where the mould material forms the connector insulator itself
  • Multi-shot moulding, where two different colours of overmould can be used in different sections of the mould
  • Low pressure moulding, for pressure-sensitive or temperature-sensitive components
  • Moulded strain reliefs, used to protect the flexible cable where it meets the connection point
  • Encapsulation, using a pre-made box to protect PCBs
  • Potting, for lower volumes with no tooling requirements

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Overmoulding Capabilities