V-Novus Hybrid UK Cord Sets

The range of V-Novus Hybrid UK power cords all conform to the BS 1363/A standard and have ASTA safety approvals.

The cord set has a low-profile design with a more flexible strain relief, making it extremely durable. 

We supply the 1.8 M power cord as standard and hold stock of the C13/1.0 mm² cord set for quick delivery.

We can also offer a range of custom options including different lengths, colours, and cable types (MOQs will apply).

  • Standard range is 1.8 M length, round PVC cable
  • C7 connectors feature yellow "full insertion" indicators in their moulding
  • Custom cable lengths, types and colours available

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Volex power cord for UK

Product Details 

Part NumberCountryPlug VersionConnectorConnector VersionCable Conductor Size (mm²)Cable LengthCable TypeCord Set Colour
BUKAD3SX18BUKRight angleC13Straight1.01.8 MH05VV-FBlack
BUKAD3SW18BUKRight angleC13Straight0.751.8 MH05VV-FBlack
BUKAA7SW18BUKRight angle (plastic earth)C7Straight0.751.8 MH03VVH2-FBlack
BUKAA7SV18BUKRight angle (plastic earth)C7Straight0.51.8 MH03VVH2-FBlack