TN TFT Displays

Standard entry level colour TFT LCD displays are the first choice for engineers looking to step up their designs from graphic or segment mono displays.

Standard displays are easier to implement, making them more suitable when upgrading or as an entry point for implementing a display for the first time. These TFTs usually have industry standard interface requirements like SPI or RGB that can be provided quite easily with modern microcontrollers such as Cortex.

All of our TFTs can be customised and enhanced.  This might include adding a more powerful backlight, improving contrast, or adding capacitive touchscreen to provide direct user interaction with your product removing the need for buttons or keyboard.

Adding a cover lens to a standard TFT with a touchscreen can give a sophisticated user interface that the smartphone generation expects of even the simplest devices, costs can be offset against greatly simplified manufacturing and no need for clean room final assembly. Cover lenses can be impact resistant up to 8 mm thick yet still support touch and even made in irregular shapes to fit in and around your existing hardware.

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