Round and Square Displays

Our round and square IPS TFT displays are perfect for smaller applications that need a more unique shape to suit their design.

These displays provide more creative opportunities for designers, without needing to incorporate cover lenses to block off sections of the display in order to achieve the desired shape.

  • All feature IPS panels, delivering all-round viewing angles
  • Excellent contrast ratios and fast response times
  • Different interface options to suit various setups
  • A selection of round displays with rotating bezels that can be integrated into the UI
  • Can be customised to suit specific requirements

Take a look at our range of products below or get in touch today to discuss how we can support your new product design with our displays.

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Up to 2.9"
3 - 4.3"


Up to 399 cd/M²
400 - 799 cd/M²


-20°C to 70°C
-20°C to 60°C