Integrated Display Solutions

Our integrated display modules form a range of products aimed at offering designers a fast, low-cost route to a high quality Human Machine Interface.

These modules are designed for simple integration and come with either 16-bit MCU boards or HDMI boards that only require a video-out connection from your system.

Our MCU interface displays offer an easy upgrade path for OEMs currently working with graphic mono displays, as these TFTs can be integrated without changing the original processor. For new designs, the MCU board simplifies the requirements of the main processor, which means shorter development time and a faster time to market.

For a straight plug-and-play HMI, our HDMI interface displays are fitted with a USB capacitive touch panel, immediately recognised by Windows and Linux operating systems, providing fast implementation and reliable long-term use. These displays don’t require additional engineering expertise and are ready to go out of the box.

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