3.5" IPS TFT (IPS035A105R)

This 3.5" IPS TFT has a built-in MCU allowing for easy integration with the end-application PCB.

The MCU (Micro-Control Unit) provides a 16-bit interface, making it ideal for OEMs with limited engineering resources or who are looking to upgrade from mono graphic displays to full colour, as this can be achieved without changing the original processor.

The display offers a 320 x 240 px resolution and delivers a high brightness for its size.

As an IPS panel, it also features all-round viewing angles and a high contrast ratio, all in a compact and thin frame.

Display Specs

Part NumberIPS035A105R
Display TypeIPS TFT
Screen Size3.5"
Resolution320 x 240
Aspect Ratio4:3
Viewing AngleFree
Brightness500 cd/M²
Backlight Half-Life20K Hours
Contrast Ratio800:1
Operating Temperature Range-20°C to 70°C
Dimensions (W x H x D)77 x 64 x 2.8 mm
Active Area (W x H)70.1 x 52.6 mm