What Are IP Ratings?

The IP ratings system is used to classify the effectiveness of enclosures against ingress from foreign objects, such as tools, dust and water.

GTK utilises this rating system with our electrical enclosures and overmoulds, such as our cable assemblies, which can be rated up to IP68 when mated. This ensures that our customers are well-informed about the conformity and protection levels of our products. These particular ratings are defined in the international standard IEC 60529.

How IP Ratings Work

IP Ratings include the letters ‘IP’ (Ingress Protection) followed by two separate digits; each of these digits represents different levels of protection. The first digit identifies the level of protection against solid particle ingress and the second digit defines the protection from the ingress of liquids/moisture. 

The ratings work from levels 0 – 6 for solids and 0 – 8 for liquids, with 0 being completely unprotected and 6/8 affording the highest protection. So, an enclosure or overmould with a rating of IP68 would be completely dustproof and (for all intents and purposes) waterproof.

IP ratings IP Ratings Explained