Sockets Sealed and Delivered - Custom Waterproof Solutions

Our customer, who made industrial printers, was looking to waterproof the external cables in order to protect them during the extensive cleaning process that is required in the food processing industry.

They had found an OEM connector; however, it was an expensive item and wasn't quite fit for purpose, and so were looking for an alternative design.

Sockets Sealed and Delivered - Custom Waterproof Solutions

The Solution

We developed a custom design comprised of a 3-piece overmould that included a soft-seal front face, which, when mated, created a tight, waterproof seal against the unit. Being overmoulded, we were also able to brand the connector with our customer's logo and engineer the 45° cable entry that they required. Samples were supplied at every stage of the development process.


No time wasted on removing cables and sealing up ports ahead of cleaning, and then re-connecting everything afterwards.

Time Saving

Overall our solution was less expensive, and the customer did not have to undertake expensive repairs due to water damage.

Business Advantage

A fully waterproof, reliable product meant that end-customer satisfaction increased, and our customer was able to build their brand through the custom design.