PMVA displays are fully customisable, with options including segments, graphics, custom colours and different backlight options.

  • Display sizes available up to 12.3” 
  • High brightness display technology with wide viewing angles
  • High contrast ratio delivering a truly black background 
  • Colour set by LED backlight array, screen printing or colour film for custom icons 
  • 4 colour greyscale functionality also available

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Graphical PMVA Displays


  • Fully custom graphic modules
  • Up to 1/64 duty cycle
  • True black
  • -30°C to +85°C
  • Contrast ratio up to 500:1 

Custom & Hybrid PMVA Displays


  • Fully custom segment modules
  • Full view
  • High reliability / long life
  • Colour screen printed zones
  • Colour change backlight
  • Colour film that sits behind the glass
  • Hybrid graphic and character on single glass
  • Contrast ratio up to 1,000:1 

Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment (PMVA) is a monochrome display technology that enables the designer to achieve the look and feel of expensive colour displays but at a lower cost, both in the display and drive electronics.

PMVA displays utilise an altered LCD cell design, which brings advantages such as a very wide or full viewing angle, very high contrast ratio, fast response times and true blacks. It is a negative (white on black) technology but can also use colour backlight or screen printing to colour zones of the display or even individual segments. It's even possible to use RGB backlight LEDs and change colours on the fly.  Customers can choose from a range of colour options, including four levels of greyscale.

For even more colours combinations, designers can opt for colour film technology.  This custom film sits behind the glass on a PMVA display and boosts the maximum number of simultaneous colours to 12, up from only 4 using colour printing.

These displays are available as custom masked glass or graphical modules. Customisation is relatively low cost and very short lead time and the resulting product is cost competitive with standard STN/TN modules.  Sizes can range from 2.8in up to 12.3in.

PMVA displays’ performance characteristics are very stable with temperature, and the designer does not have to derate its usage to ensure the device will function properly as ambient temperature changes or becomes extreme. Add this to its robust character with typical operating life of 100k hours makes the technology very suitable for applications requiring reliable operation in challenging  environments.

All Black characteristics means the designer can create a superbly polished display effect, the off characters disappear completely giving a very modern, sophisticated look and feel to the end product. 


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