3.5" TFT Display (TFT035A103R)

This 3.5" TFT features an integrated graphics controllers on the FPC, so users can interface straight to the display without any additional graphical componentry needed on their PCB.

This means they can simplify their design or free up space on their board for additional functionality.

The display itself features a 4-wire resistive touchscreen and is polarised for a 6 o'clock viewing angle.

Additional customisation options are available, including full capacitive touchscreen if required, and the graphic ICs can also be adjusted to suit the user's application.

Display Features

  • Size: < 5"
  • Type: TN TFT
  • Feature: Integrated Touchscreen
  • Feature: Integrated Graphics Controller

Display Specs

Part NumberTFT035A103R
Display TypeTN TFT
Screen Size3.5"
Resolution320 x 480
Aspect Ratio2:3
Viewing Angle6 o'clock
Brightness240 cd/M²
Contrast Ratio500:1
Operating Temperature Range-20°C to 70°C
Dimensions (W x H x D)55.5 x 85 x 3.9 mm
Active Area (W x H)49 x 73.4 mm