0.5 mm Pitch ZIF

Surface mount 0.5 mm pitch ZIF connectors, for vertical or horizontal cable entry. Options include:

  • Top (upper) or bottom (lower) contact positions
  • Slide or flip actuators
  • Vertical cable entry connectors
  • Alternative profile heights and PCB layouts available on request
  • Gold contact options (recommended for mating with gold plated FPCs)
  • High retention version (accepts FPCs with "ears")
  • Replace 'xx' with number of contacts

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0.5 mm ZIF connectors

Product Details

Part NumberNo. of ContactsOrientationActuator StyleContact StyleMounting StyleContact PlatingDrawingSamples
ZIFExx-0.5TS-R4-60Horizontal (R/A)SlideTop (upper)SMTTinZIFExx-0.5TS-Rrequest
ZIFCxx-0.5TS-R4-65Horizontal (R/A)SlideTop (upper)SMTGoldZIFCxx-0.5TS-Rrequest
ZIFExx-0.5BS-R4-60Horizontal (R/A)SlideBottom (lower)SMTTinZIFExx-0.5BS-Rrequest
ZIFCxx-0.5BF-R4-60Horizontal (R/A)FlipBottom (lower)SMTGoldZIFCxx-0.5BF-Rrequest
ZIFHAxx-0.5BF-R4-60Horizontal (R/A)FlipBottom (high retention)SMTGoldZIFHAxx-0.5BF-Rrequest
ZIFDxx-0.5DF-R4-30Horizontal (R/A)Back FlipDualSMTGoldZIFDxx-0.5DF-Rrequest
ZIF2Dxx-0.5DF-R31-40Horizontal (R/A)Back FlipDualSMTGoldZIF2Dxx-0.5DF-Rrequest