GTK UK has recently refreshed the displays section of its website, making it easier for engineers to navigate and identify the product that most suits their application, as well as review different customisation options for their design.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for displays at GTK, said, “The website refresh is a result of us working with engineers and gaining a greater understanding of the features they look for when evaluating and selecting displays for new product designs. We have simplified the navigation of the website so that they can go straight to colour displays or mono displays, and also review all the customisation and accessory options for their displays. More and more OEMs are designing displays into their electronic devices and the users increasingly expect to able to pick up the product and use it instantly.” 

GTK offers a wide range of displays for industrial and consumer applications. These span from high resolution, high speed IPS (In-plane switching) colour TFTs to simple character mono modules. They also offer a variety of customisation and accessory options, including capacitive touchscreens, custom cover lenses and a range of optical enhancements. GTK’s technical experts can assist design engineers with the selection of the most suitable display for their application, review customisation options and help choose the most appropriate interconnect options for connecting the display to the PCB or controller.

Clive added, “There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a display; it’s more than just identifying the resolution and brightness required. You need to think about how the display will be driven, power or battery requirements, the product application and end use environment and end user interaction with the device. All of these will impact on the product cost, lead time and time to market. By involving GTK in the early stages of development, we can help customers to avoid pitfalls early and to better optimise their display for this finished product.”

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