Product Details

Part NumberConnector TypeNo. of ContactsMounting StyleNo. of RowsContact PlatingOrientationWire SizeDrawingSamples
WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-RHeader2-15SMTSingleTinVerticalDownload product drawing WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-R.pdfRequest sample of product WTBB-xxS-SMH2T-R
WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-RHeader2-15SMTSingleTinHorizontal (R/A)Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-R.pdfRequest sample of product WTBB-xxS-SMH1T-R
WTBB-xxS-TH2T-RHeader2-15Through holeSingleTinVerticalDownload product drawing WTBB-xxS-TH2T-R.pdfRequest sample of product WTBB-xxS-TH2T-R
WTBB-xxS-TH1T-RHeader2-15Through holeSingleTinHorizontal (R/A)Download product drawing WTBB-xxS-TH1T-R.pdfRequest sample of product WTBB-xxS-TH1T-R
WTBB-xxS-CF3T-RCrimp housing2-15CrimpSingleDownload product drawing WTBB-xxS-CF3T-R.pdfRequest sample of product WTBB-xxS-CF3T-R
WTBB-CR-FTR-RCrimp contactCrimpTin28-32 AWGDownload product drawing WTBB-CR-FTR-R.pdfRequest sample of product WTBB-CR-FTR-R

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