10/100Base-T RJ Connectors

Our most popular combinations of magnetic schematics and LEDs, though we can also offer many other schematics and PCB layouts. Options include:

  • Standard or inverted latch orientation
  • Single and bi-colour LED options
  • Various PCB layouts, including top entry jacks
  • Alternative LED polarities available
  • Cross reference/compatibility service

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10/100Base-T modular telephone jacks

Product Details

Part NumberOrientationMagnetics SchematicLED Option (Left / Right)FeatureLatch OrientationShielding TypeDrawingSamples
MTCLMA-1811SG1-RHorizontal (R/A)10/100Base-T (A01)Yellow / GreenIn-line LEDsDownWith grounding tabsMTCLMA-1811SG1-Rrequest
MTCLMA-1811SN1-RHorizontal (R/A)10/100Base-T (A01)Yellow / GreenIn-line LEDsDownNo grounding tabsMTCLMA-1811SN1-Rrequest
MTCLMA-1811SG3-RHorizontal (R/A)10/100Base-T (A03)Yellow / GreenIn-line LEDsDownWith grounding tabsMTCLMA-1811SG3-Rrequest
MTCMF-1801SG3-RHorizontal (R/A)10/100Base-T (A03)No LEDsNo LEDsDownWith grounding tabsMTCMF-1801SG3-Rrequest
MTCLMB-1831SG9-RHorizontal (R/A)10/100Base-T (A09)Green / YellowOff-set LEDsDownWith grounding tabsMTCLMB-1831SG9-Rrequest
MTCLMI-1811SNQ-RHorizontal (R/A)10/100Base-T (B19)Yellow / GreenIn-line LEDsUpNo grounding tabsMTCLMI-1811SNQ-Rrequest
MTCLMJ-1831SN9-RVertical10/100Base-T (A09)Green / YellowIn-line LEDsN/aNo grounding tabsMTCLMJ-1831SN9-Rrequest