2.0 mm Dual Row Latched

These fully latched system 2.0 mm wire to board connectors are ideal for applications with high vibration or movement.  

  • Through hole or SMT Headers
  • Fully latched housing for secure mating
  • Polarised to prevent mis-mating
  • 4-40 position
  • 3 A current rating
  • PCB layout compatible with GTK standard WTBM series and other popular 2.0 mm pitch systems
  • Mating cable assemblies also available from GTK
  • Replace 'xx' with number of contacts

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2.0 mm wire-to-board latched

Product Details

Part NumberConnector TypeNo. of ContactsMounting StyleOrientationContact PlatingWire SizeDrawingSamples
WTBM-xxD-SMH01-RHeader4-40SMTVerticalGold or tin WTBM-xxD-SMH01-Rrequest
WTBM-xxD-TH10T-RHeader4-40Through holeHorizontal (R/A)Gold or tin WTBM-xxD-TH10T-Rrequest
WTBM-xxD-TH20T-RHeader4-40Through holeVerticalGold or tin WTBM-xxD-TH20T-Rrequest
WTBM-xxD-CFL01-RLatched crimp housing4-40Crimp   WTBM-xxD-CFL01-Rrequest
WTBM-CR-FxxR-RCrimp contact Crimp Gold or tin22-28 AWGWTBM-CR-FxxR-Rrequest