USB 3.0 ConnectorsGTK, a global provider of electronic solutions, announces the release of its new range of USB 3.0 Connectors. The connector range includes a PCB Mount A series socket in both single & dual port versions, a B series socket, which is used in peripheral applications, & the new style Micro B series socket which is designed for use in small portable devices. Each USB 3.0 connector has an additional 5 contacts and all are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 cable assemblies, enabling USB 2.0 level performance.

USB 3.0 technology, often referred to as "SuperSpeed USB" provides a ten-fold increase in data speeds over the previous USB 2.0 specification. It also has increased power output & efficiency which enables it to support new devices which are increasingly power hungry, and increase the battery life of portable devices. The USB connector has become the de facto standard connector for many product applications, including PC's, peripherals, consumer electronics & mobile platforms and the increase in its performance allows it to meet the requirements of the next generation products/technologies.

Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for connectors & cable assemblies said, "The market for USB 3.0 products is in the early stages, but as hardware manufacturers adopt it for use in their next generation products, we expect to see acceleration in adoption rates for this technology. The addition of the latest USB technology to our range enables us to offer our customers a solution that is suited to their data & power output requirements."

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