USB A Upright 'Flag'

Upright 'flag'-style USB Type-A receptacles.

  • Black or white insulators are available
  • Choice of gold plating allows for cost saving and durability
  • Various PCB layout options available

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USB Type A upright flag connectors

Product Details

Part NumberUSB SpecFeatureMounting StyleContact PlatingColourDrawingSamples
USBS-AT3-B-RUSB 2.0Normal bodyThrough hole3µ" goldBlackUSBS-AT3-B-Rrequest
USBS-AT3-2.0-B-RUSB 2.0Normal bodyThrough hole30µ" goldBlackUSBS-AT3-2.0-B-Rrequest
USBS-AT3M-B-RUSB 2.0Short bodyThrough hole3µ" goldBlackUSBS-AT3M-B-Rrequest