USB C Side Entry

The side entry USB Type-C™ receptacle features a reversible design, which allows the plug to be inserted either way round.

It also supports USB Power Delivery and can operate at the USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 spec, which enables data transfer speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

  • USB Power Delivery of up to 100 W (enough to charge a laptop)
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 spec is over 40 x faster than USB 2.0 spec
  • Mid-mount or top mount PCB placement
  • Data transmission speeds of 20Gbps are achievable when mated with a suitable cable assembly
  • Mates with reversible USB Type-C plugs - see our Standard I/O Assemblies

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USB Type C side entry connectors

Product Details

Part NumberUSB SpecOrientationMounting StyleShielding TypeContact PlatingDrawingSamples
USBS-C1MH-BG0-RUSB 3.1Horizontal (R/A)Mid-mount hybridThrough hole shieldGold flashUSBS-C1MH-BG0-Rrequest
USBS-C1MH-BG3-RUSB 3.1Horizontal (R/A)Mid-mount hybridThrough hole shield30µ" goldUSBS-C1MH-BG0-Rrequest
USBS-C1MS1-BG3-RUSB 3.1Horizontal (R/A)Mid-mount, all SMTThrough hole shield30µ" goldUSBS-C1MS1-BG3-Rrequest
USBS-C1TS2-BG3-RUSB 3.1Horizontal (R/A)Top mount, all SMTThrough hole shield30µ" goldusbs-c1ts2-bgx-rrequest