Micro USB

USB micro-AB and the more popular micro-B receptacles offer a 60% space saving over mini-USB receptacles.

  • Various PCB layout options available

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Micro USB connectors

Product Details

Part NumberUSB SpecUSB TypeNo. of ContactsOrientationMounting StyleFeatureContact PlatingDrawingSamples
USBS-BT7E-3G0-RUSB 3.1Micro-B5+5Horizontal (R/A)SMT GoldUSBS-BT7E-3G0-Rrequest
USBS-AB8-2.0TR-RUSB 2.0Micro-AB5Horizontal (R/A)SMTLocating posts30µ" goldUSBS-AB8-2.0TR-Rrequest
USBS-BT8-2.0-RUSB 2.0Micro-B5Horizontal (R/A)SMTLocating posts30µ" goldUSBS-BT8-2.0-Rrequest
USBS-BT8H-2.0-R Micro-B5Horizontal (R/A)SMTThrough hole shield30µ" goldUSBS-BT8H-2.0-Rrequest