122 x 250 E-Paper Display (EPA122250A101A)

Our mid-sized 122 x 250 resolution E-Paper display offers all the benefits that come with this technology, including low power draw and impressive sunlight readability.

It is ideal for applications such as shelf-edge labels, which require a constant static image to be shown without excessive power consumption.

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Display Features

  • Display: Positive
  • Mode: Reflective

Display Specs

Part NumberEPA122250A101A
Screen Size2.13"
Resolution122 x 250
ModeReflective / Positive
Aspect Ratio61:125
Operating Temperature Range0°C to 50°C
Dimensions (W x H x D)29.2 x 59.2 x 1.05
Active Area (W x H)23.67 x 48.5 mm

Customisation Options Available