2.92 mm (K series)

2.92 mm connectors are fully compatible with the SMA range but are suitable for higher frequencies due to a thicker outer conductor and air dielectric.

  • 40 GHz maximum frequency
  • Screw coupling
  • 50 W impedance
  • High precision, high frequency air dielectric version of SMA

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2.92 mm RF connectors

Product Details

Part NumberConnector TypeImpedanceMounting StyleDrawingSamples
KS-JP2-PG25-RJack50 ohm2 hole flangeKS-JP2-PG25-Rrequest
KS-JP4A-PG25-RJack50 ohm4 hole flangeKS-JP4A-PG25-Rrequest
KS-JEL1-PG25-RJack50 ohmEnd launchKS-JEL1-PG25-Rrequest
PBSB00-021-002Glass bead  PBSB00-021-002request