Single-Port, Side Entry, Shielded, LED RJ Connectors

Shielded RJ45 LED jacks; listed here are our most popular LED combinations, but alternative combinations are also available.

  • Single and bi-colour LED options
  • Standard or inverted latch orientation
  • SMT or through-hole mounting
  • Low profile, mid-mount connector available

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Single port LED modular telephone jacks

Product Details

Part NumberMounting StyleOrientationLatch OrientationLED Option (Left / Right)FeatureDrawingSamples
MTCL-18811SB-RThrough holeHorizontal (R/A)UpYellow / GreenTop shield tabsMTCL-18811SB-Rrequest
MTCL-18811SBS-RThrough holeHorizontal (R/A)UpYellow / GreenFull shield tabsMTCL-18811SBS-Rrequest
MTCL-18831ST-RThrough holeHorizontal (R/A)UpGreen / YellowTop shield tabsMTCL-18831ST-Rrequest
MTCL-18831SB-D-RThrough holeHorizontal (R/A)DownGreen / YellowFull shield tabsMTCL-18831SB-D-Rrequest
MTCL-18811SB-SMRSMTHorizontal (R/A)UpYellow / GreenFull shield tabsMTCL-18811SB-SMRrequest
MTCL-1E8831B-RSMTHorizontal (R/A)DownYellow/GreenMid-mount, full shield tabsMTCL-1E8831B-Rrequest