PC99 Mini DIN Connectors

Fully shielded 6-way PCB mount sockets with colour coding for PC99 keyboard and mouse applications.

  • Fully shielded on 5 sides
  • Optional front shield spring
  • PC99 pantone colours
  • Industry standard polarisation
  • Mating cable assemblies available from GTK 

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PC99 shielded mini DIN connectors

Product Details

Part NumberNo. of ContactsOrientationColourShielding TypeDrawingSamples
MDJ6DM-GN99-R6Horizontal (R/A)Green PC99ShieldedMDJ6DM-GN99-Rrequest
MDJ6DM-PP99-R6Horizontal (R/A)Purple PC99ShieldedMDJ6DM-PP99-Rrequest
MDJ6DF-GN99-R6Horizontal (R/A)Green PC99Front shield springsMDJ6DF-GN99-Rrequest
MDJ6DF-PP99-R6Horizontal (R/A)Purple PC99Front shield springsMDJ6DF-PP99-Rrequest