When black is really black

July 26, 2018  /  Press Release , Displays

All black is the term used in display technology when the colour printing of the cover lens is matched to the display colour when it is in the “off” mode”.

The effect of this feature is an ultra-modern look to the display which is ideal for highly aesthetic designs and, therefore, is more applicable to consumer electronics.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for displays at GTK, said, “This is a really interesting feature. When the display is turned off it is pretty much invisible so when it is turned on, it seems to just appear, creating a high impact on the user. Typical applications for this are audio-visual, home entertainment and smart home devices.

“All black is just one example of the continued development of display technology. As the use of displays increases, manufacturers are researching and developing more and more features and functionality that OEMs can use to customise and differentiate their products.”

Technical experts at GTK can offer engineers support and guidance with the selection of the most suitable display technology for their new product designs. They can also provide a variety of customisation options, including OCA bonding, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, anti-fog and anti-reflection technology.

“It’s always good to work with engineers at the early stages of their product design process,” said Clive, “as it gives them the opportunity to evaluate more alternatives. Display technology is advancing rapidly and it can be hard for OEMs to keep up to date. Often, we can recommend technologies and customisation options they aren’t aware of that offer additional functionality and still fall within their budgetary requirements.”

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