Using mini-LED technology to enhance your display designs

March 22, 2023  /  Press Release , Displays

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for displays at GTK UK, discusses the fast-developing mini-LED technology and how it can be used to enhance future display designs.

Mini-LEDs are smaller versions of conventional LEDs that can be used in displays to emit light. They are effectively an advancement in LED design as opposed to a completely new technology, but can be used to great effect and offer advantages over traditional LED displays.

The reduced footprint of mini-LEDs means that more can be fitted into the available space. A mini-LED can be as small as 100 microns in size. 

One of the primary benefits of mini-LED is improved dimming zones, which enables greater contrast (100,000:1) and deeper blacks. This is because each mini-LED can be individually controlled allowing more control over the brightness and colour of specific areas of the screen.

Another benefit of this technology is greater control of blooming, which concerns the halo effect that occurs around bright light sources in an image.

Typical applications for mini-LED technology currently would be high end products where high contrast, lower power and performance is required. Typical applications for this technology could be automotive, AV, outdoor signage and medical products.  

This is a fast-developing technology that offers significant advantages over traditional LEDs and something OEMs should be aware of for future new product designs. This is a serious alternative to AMOLED technology, which has been considered the “king of all display technology” for years.

If you would like to know more about mini-LED technology get in touch and talk to one of our technical experts, who can provide more information on the design benefits and customisation options available.

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