PMVA displays in glorious technicolour!

January 27, 2022  /  Press Release , Displays

For OEMs wanting to use negative monochrome displays with the added feature of colour, PMVA display technology that incorporates LED arrays produces outstanding results.

With this technology, the backlight is made up of LED arrays are arranged in a grid system behind the display screen. Different coloured LED arrays can be used throughout the grid, and OEMs can use a variety of colour combinations to create custom displays that offer bright colours and high contrast against the “true black” background of the display.

PMVA displays can be set for a 6 or 12 o'clock viewing angle, have an operating temperature of -10°C to +80°C and have great longevity with up to 100K hours life. The displays are completely custom, based on OEMs design requirements, and are available in sizes ranging from 2.3" through to 12.3".

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Displays at GTK, said, "This relatively new technology enables colour to be added to what is essentially a monochrome display. The use of LED array backlights results in a high level of contrast, and typical colour combinations include red, amber and green; however, the actual colour options are really only limited to the available LED array colours in the market.

"This technology can be used across a wide range of different applications and we can assist clients with the display design as well as offer a variety of different customisation options."

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