GTK’s plug-and-play displays drastically simplify integration

June 25, 2024  /  Press Release , Displays

When designing a product around a display UI, interfacing with that display can be an engineering challenge.

GTK’s range of integrated TFT displays overcome that problem by providing a fast, low-cost way of creating a human machine interface (HMI) for any application.

GTK’s range of integrated TFT displays

"These TFT solutions all come with their own driver modules, built on either 16-bit MCU interfaces or HDMI boards,” said Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for displays at GTK, “and both options can reduce the amount of engineering expertise that’s needed within a design team."

The MCU boards simplify the requirements on the embedded CPU, meaning less development is needed and allowing OEMs to achieve a quicker time to market. Alternatively, if the product’s embedded system supports an HDMI-out connection, GTK’s range of displays with HDMI driver boards deliver a true plug-and-play solution and come fitted with capacitive touchscreens as standard.

Clive added, "The sizes for these integrated displays start at 3.5” and go up to 10.1”, meaning designers have a range of options to choose from. These TFTs can be implemented in any number of different applications, across industries such as automotive & transport, test & measurement, industrial and security."

GTK’s product and engineering teams work closely with customers to understand their requirements, and the company can even customise the displays to suit specific needs. Attributes like brightness and contrast ratios can be adjusted, custom touchscreen panels can be provided, and the displays can even ship with bespoke cover lens to simply slot into a finished design.

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