GTK releases new 7" letterbox display with serial port

February 23, 2023  /  Press Release , Displays

GTK has recently expanded its range of letterbox displays with the addition of a 7” display with an integral serial port.

The inclusion of the serial port makes it easier for OEMs to configure their display as the controller on the OEMs board communicates directly with the display module, via a MIPI interface.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for displays at GTK, said, “At their inception, Letterbox displays were used in a reasonably narrow range of applications, such as automotive and networking. They are now becoming more mainstream and being designed into a much wider range of applications, such as building controls, white goods and other consumer electronics. The addition of this serial port module makes it simpler and faster for OEMs to integrate the display into their finished product, which is a real benefit where time to market is critical. It also reduces the memory used on the controller and the in-house development resource required to configure the display.”

This new 7 inch letterbox IPS display has a high resolution (1424 x 280 pixels) and free viewing angles, and there is also the option to upgrade the MCU interface using a micro USB connector.

Clive added, “This is a great entry level product for OEMs wanting to use a display in a restricted space and need programming simplicity. Our technical experts can provide OEMs with support and customisation of the product as required. We can also advise customers on the most suitable display module for their application. It’s generally better to have these discussions early on in the product design process as this allows us to explore more options.”

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