GTK offers mirror technology for TFT displays

November 23, 2021  /  Press Release , Displays

GTK is now offering mirror technology for its TFT Displays.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for displays at GTK, said, “This is an exciting new breakthrough for display technology. Simply put, a mirrored coating is placed over the TFT display screen such that when the TFT is not powered on, it looks like a mirror. However, when the TFT is powered on, the user sees the display screen as normal.”

This technology is already being used for large screen consumer applications, but is also suitable for small screen consumer or industrial applications. The possibilities for this technology are many and varied as it can be used across all vertical markets, including, consumer, automotive, medical and industrial electronics.

Clive continued, “Now that this technology is becoming more widely available, the price point is becoming more palatable and OEMs may want to consider adding this functionality to their new product designs. At GTK, we can help them select the most suitable TFT for their application and explore added customisation elements of the display, such as enhanced backlights, OCA bonding, touch capabilities and custom FPC options.”

GTK can supply this mirror technology for TFT displays up to and including 15.6” in size.

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