Extended performance using K series RF products

April 21, 2016  /  Press Release , Cable Assemblies , Connectors

The GTK range of K series subminiature (2.92 mm) connectors and cable assemblies is ideal for use in high-frequency applications that are typical in military, security and instrumentation markets.

The K series connector is identical to and fully compatible with the SMA connector series by virtue of the same physical dimensions, but it uses an air dielectric, which ensures superior performance at high frequencies. The 50 Ω impedance, screw coupling connectors can operate at up to 40 GHz frequency when used with high performance cables. The outer connector shell is manufactured from stainless steel, with both male and female contacts having a 30µ” gold finish as standard. Connectors are available in panel or cable mount types in both male and female versions.

K series cable assemblies are manufactured using semi-rigid cables in order to maximise performance at the highest frequency. These assemblies are complemented by end launch and panel-mount jacks as well as in-series adaptors.

GTK offers a bespoke production service for RF cable assemblies, utilising almost any combination of cables and connectors, and these are manufactured to the customers’ exact specification. All cable assemblies are 100% tested for continuity, short and open circuits, and contact resistance. All production batches are tested with state-of-the-art network analysers for a minimum of insertion loss and VSWR.

Chas Shale, Business Manager for Cable Assemblies at GTK, said, “The K series of RF products offer a higher level of performance than the traditional SMA series, making them more popular for mission-critical and high performance applications.”

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