Subminiature RF Cable Assemblies

Supporting a maximum frequency of 67 Ghz, subminiature RF & microwave cable assemblies are typically used in applications for military & aeronautics, high frequency communications, test & measurement, and instrumentation.

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2.92 mm (K) Series Cable Assemblies

This connector range is designed with the same sized inner conductors as the SMA series but with an air dielectric. They are high performance connectors and are fully compatible with SMA. They offer:

  • 40 GHz maximum frequency
  • Screw coupling
  • 50 W impedance
  • High precision, high frequency, air dielectric version of SMA

Spec sheet 2.92 mm (K) series spec sheet

K series RF cable assemblies

SMA Series Cable Assemblies

Manufactured from brass or high quality stainless steel, the SMA series provides excellent durability and high electrical performance. If offers:

  • 18 GHz maximum frequency as standard, when used with semi-rigid cable
  • 26.5 GHz maximum frequency version available on request
  • Screw coupling
  • 50 W impedance
  • For a higher frequency version, see 2.92 mm (K) connector
  • Also available in reverse-polarity variants

Spec sheet  SMA series spec sheet

SMA RF cable assemblies

SMC Series Cable Assemblies

The SMC series is lightweight and highly suited for mobile equipment, as its screw coupling provides a vibration-resistant connection. It offers:

  • 10 GHz maximum frequency
  • Screw coupling
  • 50 W impedance

Spec sheet SMC series spec sheet

SMC RF cable assemblies

SMB Series Cable Assemblies

The SMB series provides the same impedance as SMC, but its snap-fit coupling allows for a faster connect/disconnect. It offers:

  • 4 GHz maximum frequency
  • Snap-fit coupling
  • 50 W impedance
  • For a polarised version, see FAKRA connector (below)

Spec sheet SMB series spec sheet

SMB RF cable assemblies

1.0/2.3 mm Series Cable Assemblies

The slide-on coupling of the 1.0/2.3 mm series prevents accidental disconnection, making it ideal for telecommunications systems. It includes:

  • 4 GHz maximum frequency
  • Slide-on coupling
  • 50 W impedance

Spec sheet 1.0/2.3 mm series spec sheet

1.0/2.3 RF cable assemblies

FAKRA Series Cable Assemblies

A high-performing RF connector designed by automotive industries, FAKRA connectors are polarised and colour-coded for easy identification. They offer:

  • 4 GHz maximum frequency
  • Snap-fit coupling with latched housing
  • 50 W impedance
  • For an unpolarised version, see SMB connector (above)

Spec sheet FAKRA series spec sheet

Fakra RF cable assemblies