Based on the SMB connector series, FAKRA connectors include a polarised, colour-coded plastic housing to prevent mis-mating.

  • 4 GHz maximum frequency
  • Snap fit coupling with latched housing
  • 50 Ω impedance

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FAKRA RF connectors

Product Details

Part NumberConnector TypeFeatureColourImpedanceMounting StyleOrientationDrawingSamples
FKR-J1AS-GG15-RJackPolarising code ABlack (9005)50 ohmSMTHorizontal (R/A)FKR-J1AS-GG15-Rrequest
FKR-J1BS-GG15-RJackPolarising code BCream white (9001)50 ohmSMTHorizontal (R/A)FKR-J1BS-GG15-Rrequest
FKR-J1CS-GG15-RJackPolarising code CBlue (5005)50 ohmSMTHorizontal (R/A)FKR-J1CS-GG15-Rrequest
FKR-J1DS-GG15-RJackPolarising code DBordeaux (4004)50 ohmSMTHorizontal (R/A)FKR-J1DS-GG15-Rrequest
FKR-J1ZS-GG15-RJackPolarising code ZWater blue (5021)50 ohmSMTHorizontal (R/A)FKR-J1ZS-GG15-Rrequest