Single-Port, Side Entry, Unshielded RJ Connectors

Side entry modular jacks with a variety of features and pin configurations. Includes mini-low profile and SMT versions.

  • Available in all RJ pin configurations through selective loading.
  • Various height options and PCB layouts
  • SMT or through-hole

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Side entry unshielded latch down modular telephone jacks

Product Details

Part NumberNo. of ContactsRJ ReferenceLatch OrientationMounting StyleHeight Above PCBColourDrawingSamples
MTC-8810NBLNF-R8P8CRJ45DownThrough hole11.5 mmBlackMTC-8810NBLNF-Rrequest
MTC-6610NBLNF-R6P6CRJ12DownThrough hole11.5 mmBlackMTC-6610NBLNF-Rrequest
MTC-4410NBLNF-R4P4CRJ10DownThrough hole11.5 mmBlackMTC-4410NBLNF-Rrequest
MTC-8820NBF2-R8P8CRJ45DownSMT12.57 mmBlackMTC-8820NBF2-Rrequest
MTC-8820NBH-R8P8CRJ45DownSMT11.5 mmBlackMTC-8820NBH-Rrequest