Multi-Port, Single Row, Unshielded RJ Connectors

A range of unshielded, single-level multi-port jacks with a number of options, including:

  • Standard or inverted latch orientation
  • Up to 12 ports available
  • Replace 'x' with number of ports

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Single level multi-port unshielded modular telephone jacks

Product Details

Part NumberNo. of PortsNo. of ContactsRJ ReferenceLatch OrientationOrientationFeatureDrawingSamples
MTSGx-8810NB-R2-128P8CRJ45DownHorizontal (R/A)No panel flange
MTSGx-6610NBUF-R2-126P6CRJ12UpHorizontal (R/A)With panel flangeMTSGx-6610NBUF-Rrequest