Multi-Port, Dual Row "Harmonica", Shielded RJ Connectors

A range of shielded, multi-port 'harmonica' jacks with up to 8 ports.

  • Dual level jacks with back-to-back latches
  • Up to 2x4 ports
  • Additional sizes on request
  • Versions with integral LEDs also available
  • Replace 'x' with total number of ports

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Shielded harmonica modular telephone jacks

Product Details

Part NumberNo. of PortsNo. of ContactsRJ ReferenceOrientationFeatureDrawingSamples
MTDGx-8810SB-R2x1 - 2x48P8CRJ45Horizontal (R/A)With shield tabsMTDGx-8810SB-Rrequest