2.92 mm (K) seriesThe K series connector is completely intermateable with the SMA series connector as it shares the same connector dimensions.

It provides an enhanced level of performance by virtue of its air dielectric, allowing it to perform at a maximum frequency of 40 GHz when used in conjunction with a high performance cable. In contrast, SMA connectors typically perform at a frequency of 18 GHz, with extended versions operating up to 26.5 GHz.

The outer connector shell is manufactured from stainless steel and both the male and female connector contacts have a 30µ” gold plated finish. The connectors are available in PCB mount  and panel mount versions.

To achieve maximum frequency performance, K series cable assemblies are produced using semi-rigid cable.

The performance capabilities of the K series connector make it suitable for high frequency applications that are typically found in security, military and instrumentation markets.

In addition to supplying K series connectors, we offer a bespoke production service for RF cable assemblies, utilising almost any combination of cables and connectors, and manufactured to customers’ exact specifications. All cable assemblies are 100% tested for shorts, continuity, open circuits and contact resistance; all production batches are tested for insertion loss and VSWR using network analysers. 

Download our 2.92 mm (K) series spec sheet for detailed, mechanical information

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Product Features

  • 40 GHz maximum frequency
  • Screw coupling
  • 50 Ω impedance
  • High precision, high frequency, air dielectric version of SMA


  • Antennae
  • Radar
  • Satellite communications
  • Test and measurement