RF Cable Types

We can utilise a full range of RF cable types when building your custom assemblies, matched to your exact specification. All of our cables are engineered to meet the latest industry standards and strict electrical requirements.

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Coaxial Cable

  • Comprises one centre conductor and two outer braided conductor separated by an insulating dielectric
  • The most common type of cable used in these assemblies, primarily for lower frequency and lower cost applications
  • Can use any standard RG-specification cable

Coax cable

Triaxial Cable

  • Comprises one centre conductor and two separate outer braided conductors
  • Adds increased shielding capabilities

Triaxial Cable

Twinaxial Cable

  • Comprises one separate centre conductors and one outer braided conductor
  • Primarily used for networking applications

Twinaxial Cable

Flexible Semi-Rigid Cable

  • Comprises one centre conductor and a two-stage outer conductor. There is an overlapping stiff metal spiral around the dielectric, which is then covered by a braided outer conductor
  • These can be formed by hand and will hold their shape
  • Lower cost alternative to the formed semi-rigid cable, whilst maintaining most of the semi-rigid benefits
  • Suitable for high frequency applications

Flexible Semi Rigid Cable

Semi-Rigid Cable

  • Comprises one centre conductor and an inflexible outer conductor
  • Must be formed by machine to ensure the outer conductor is not damaged
  • Suitable for the highest frequency applications
  • Once formed, holds its shape permanently

Semi Rigid Cable