Microminiature RF Cable Assemblies

Supporting a maximum frequency of 110 Ghz, microminiature RF & microwave cable assemblies are typically used in applications for military & aeronautics, high frequency communications, and test & measurement.

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SMP Series Cable Assemblies

Both cable-mount and PCB-mount SMP connectors offer high frequency in a small form factor, including:

  • 40 GHz maximum frequency when a straight connector is used with semi-rigid cable
  • 18 GHz maximum frequency when a right-angled connector is used with semi-rigid cable
  • Snap-fit coupling
  • 50 Ω impedance

 SMP series spec sheet

SMP RF cable assemblies

SSMA Series Cable Assemblies

SSMA is a high frequency connector, based on the SMA series. Its screw coupling provides a level of ruggedness in a small size. It includes:

  • 18 GHz maximum frequency
  • Screw coupling
  • 50 Ω impedance

Spec sheet SSMA series spec sheet

SSMA RF cable assemblies

MCX Series Cable Assemblies

A snap-fit connector for small spaces, the MCX series is ideal for wireless communications and GPS location devices. It offers:

  • 6 GHz maximum frequency
  • Snap-fit coupling
  • 50 Ω impedance

Spec sheet MCX series spec sheet

MCX RF cable assemblies

MMCX Series Cable Assemblies

Designed for applications where the smallest dimensions need to be attained, MMCX cable assemblies provide:

  • 6 GHz maximum frequency
  • Snap-fit coupling
  • 50 Ω impedance

Spec sheet MMCX series spec sheet

MMCX RF cable assemblies

SSMB Cable Assemblies

With its snap-fit coupling, the SSMB series allows for quick connection and disconnection in small spaces, whilst also providing exceptional electrical performance. It offers:

  • 4 GHz maximum frequency as standard
  • 6 GHz maximum frequency version available on request
  • Snap-fit coupling
  • 50 Ω impedance

Spec sheet SSMB series spec sheet

SSMB RF cable assemblies