Robust cable assemblies for heavy-duty applications

March 22, 2016  /  Press Release , Cable Assemblies

Overmoulded cable assemblies are the definitive choice for use in harsh and demanding environments.

They are widely used in both consumer and industrial environments as they offer a variety of valuable benefits. In consumer electronics, overmoulding offers durability, protection from tampering and safeguards against moisture ingress, making it the finish of choice for I/O connections and desktop and networking products. The ability to incorporate logos and branding adds to the attraction for OEMs providing consumer electronic products.

In industrial applications, overmoulded cable assemblies can be designed and manufactured to withstand the specific demands of their working environment, which is typically harsher. All of the component parts of the outer cable assembly are carefully designed to ensure it is fit for purpose. The choice of cable jacket is critical for protection against moisture and chemical ingress. Design features on the mating faces of the cable assemblies help to provide a watertight connection with the customer’s product and are essential where moisture ingress is a real threat. Additional seals can also be added to the overmould to ensure the assembly is fully waterproof.

Tom Hennessey, business manager for Cable Assemblies at GTK, said, “Overmoulded cable assemblies are extremely tough and durable. We supply them into some of the most demanding manufacturing environments where equipment is jet washed on a daily basis and they stand the test of time. With the correct design and choice of materials, overmoulded cable assemblies can really last. We offer a bespoke cable assembly production service and can provide guidance to customers on component selection, moulding materials and overmoulding technologies that will meet their specific application requirements. Using overmoulding technology, we can protect connectors for use in extremely harsh environments and provide waterproof solutions that securely mate with our customers’ designs in order for them to meet required IP standards.”

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